Divorce and Kids: Finding Strength in Difficult Situations

Divorce and Kids: Finding Strength in Difficult Situations

A Guide To Getting Marital Separation

Doris Adams

When your marriage is on the rocks and you're looking to make a legal decision, it's important that you go about it in the right way. Whether your state mandates it or not, legal separation is a great step toward resolving issues and deciding whether divorce is the course of action you want to take. To learn a bit more about getting a legal separation, read below and follow these words of advice. 

#1: Learn all you can about separations

Typically, you'll need to remain legally separated for a specific amount of time before moving forward and getting a divorce. This depends on the divorce laws of your state, which a divorce lawyer or separation mediator can explain to you further. By taking the time to get a legal separation, you and your spouse will have time to let cooler heads prevail as you live apart from each other. Staying separated for a while rather than jumping straight to divorce might be beneficial since the two of you can remain on a health insurance plan, which may be better financially. This period of time also gives the two of you a chance to work out any issues and get closure. 

#2: Move toward separation mediation

The key to a successful separation period is to move forward in a way that suits you both. Make sure that you're on the same page with getting a separation, and that the mediator you hire is an impartial third party. Take this time to go through all of your important records, such as properties owned, retirement accounts, and pay stubs. By taking the time to get organized, you'll be able to take this information to a mediation expert who can begin sorting out everything from how you'll split these properties to who gets custody of the kids. 

#3: Hire a quality separation mediator

Finally, be sure to do everything you can to bring in a great separation mediator. This will require you to do your research and also shop to see how much they charge. These mediators will charge anywhere between $3,500 and $15,000. It pays off in the long run, since your divorce is typically cheaper after going through separation and mediation. Take your time when choosing an impartial party and you both will be better for it. 

Take advantage of the three tips in this article so that you can move forward when ending your marriage. 


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Divorce and Kids: Finding Strength in Difficult Situations

When your family faces divorce, the last you want to see is pain in your children's eyes. But unfortunately, divorce can affect your kids in ways you never imagined. I understand your concerns completely. My spouse and I decided to separate a few years ago. After spending years of fighting and disagreeing about the things in our lives, we decided to divorce and move on. My children blamed themselves for the divorce. The turmoil went on for weeks until I contacted a divorce attorney and sought family counseling. Family counseling and the attorney helped my loved ones understand the real reasons for their parents' divorce. The process wasn't easy, but we all managed to get through it. If you need guidance and information about divorce and its effects on children, read my blog. Hopefully, you find the strength to get through the difficult times ahead of you.